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Figures above are rounded to the nearest dollar amount. Data as of March 2017.

*Headcount by generation represents percentage of active headcount displayed by largest generation band at a given point in time.

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Empower your workforce decision-making with ADP Big Data

Develop best practices and enhance policies by comparing your organization to your peers

Surveys take valuable time to complete, are based on a limited number of companies, and may not be relevant by the time you get the results. This compromises your ability to do effective workforce planning and assess performance and opportunities for improvement relative to the market.

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Help keep your company competitive, and plan for growth with high quality data

Your planning and growth strategy formulation just got easier with real workforce data that can help you accurately project labor costs. Leverage market-based workforce data to help plan for upcoming budget cycles.

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Fine tune compensation strategies with actionable, "decision-quality" data

Now you have the information you need at your fingertips - benchmarking data can be filtered by location, industry, company size and by a specific job to give you detailed comparisons that allow you to fine-tune your compensation strategy to retain talent and keep your organization competitive.

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